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A solidly based structure to guarantee growth

Our governing management is carried out by a Board of Directors made up of a President, a Vicepresident, a Permanent Director and two Deputy Directors.

  • Governance
  • New Generations
  • The members of the Board are also managers of our partner companies. The team is annually renewed consented and voted by all members in a Ordinary General Meeting. Due to their geographical location, our partners have different needs, so the leading teams are based on a balanced composition, seeking to have the same number of people from the interior and from Buenos Aires and to have personalities that complement each other. The aim is to generate a diverse group, varied but balanced, to keep transparency, equity and power.

  • About three years ago, a generation change took place in the Network management, with new energies and new ideas but with the same respect and seriousness that have always been the network’s traits. Likewise, and looking to the future of the Network, we continue working on the induction process and on incorporating the youth to the network’s projects.