Almost 20 years on the growth path.


1999. The country was going through a general corporate crisis, especially in the SMEs sector, and the situation was favorable for foreign investors to acquire companies: the large multinational companies were looking for a place in this market so as to buy national companies or to merge others. At that time, Redelec was born as a corporate challenge to join competitors to stop these new actors and to strengthen and protect the distribution channel. This “reaction principle” gave rise to this compact block with full competitive capacity. Therefore, in March 2000, after many months’ paving the way, the corporate agreement was signed and the Corporate Cooperative Group REDELEC (ACE) was born.


After the big change in the situation in 2001, and after those menaces that took us to join forces had disappeared, the country started growing continuously and, once again, as any Corporation, we were involved in the country’s changes: the new scenario pushed us to give our primitive goals a new direction and to face the challenge to continue as a network once the original threat had disappeared. We decided to go on, joined by the changing forces of the electrical materials distribution market: now forces were oriented to regain the importance of the distributor’s role in the value chain, to generate more and more critical mass and to continue creating alliances with our strategic suppliers.

The future

During the 2000s, the Network continued growing and in 2003, the Corporate Cooperative Group became a Corporation, thus generating a new and important milestone in our history: this new corporate figure let us follow the path we had paved, opening new doors to new negotiations and activities, improving the interaction with our partners’ goals, the commercial missions to Europe, the generation of innovative relationships with other Networks, training sessions and talks for our members.