Mobile Advertising: focus of marketing strategies
14 _me 2017

Mobile Advertising: focus of marketing strategies

Mobile devices have become an integral part in the lives of users, digital marketing agencies can not ignore this new trend. All consumers have a smartphone in their pocket, allowing them to connect with people and brands. That is why in recent years has grown significantly the mobile advertising market.

According to VentureBeat, 40% of mobile advertising budget will go to the payment of commissions and fees. The increasing complexity is one of the predominant features of this new market: more than one type of ad network and more than one kind of space to buy ads. For businesses, the implementation of mobile version is a challenge with the possibility of achieving great results.

It has been found that the best brands that have used the mobile advertisements obtained figure engagement seven times higher than the average growth, and four times the usual number of consumers. In the case of some specific brands, the engagement was 80% higher and brand recall, 3 times higher than in television commercials.

Source: Puro Marketing