Facebook will have a new Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
16 _me 2017

Facebook will have a new Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

A not so long time ago, we strolled with futuristic movies where robots became the best company of man. Today, the artificial intelligence seems to have crossed the screen, and Facebook is positioned as one of the pioneers in the field after announcing it will open a laboratory dedicated to this type of intelligence in Paris.

This space will be added to those which already have the company in California and New York. There, Facebook will develop various long-term projects, such as the recognition of images and sound. Through this venture, the company aims to create new ways to connect and share.

"Paris team will work on ambitious projects to long-term as image recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition and the logical and physical infrastructure needed for the operation of these systems", details the American company in an official statement.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, explained that continue to publicly sharing all the ideas of Facebook through publications, open codes and the collaboration with other researchers. It will also provide new opportunities for scientific and technological research in order to take a big step towards the future of computing and connecting globally.

Sources: Marketing Directo and Nextperience Blog.