SEO: what is and what are its advantages?
26 _me 2017

SEO: what is and what are its advantages?

Having a website with attractive design and being functional to the needs of customers is not useful if it is not well positioned in the web search engines. For this there is the SEO, an essential tool when it comes to communicating a business on the Internet. In this article we explain you what are its advantages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of using different strategies and techniques, as the rewriting of the HTML, content editing and navigation in the website, in order to improve the position of a web page in the results of search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, for certain search terms.

In this sense, the philosopher, semiologist José Luis Ramos defines SEO as "the art of preparing a website to make it more understandable and more relevant to search engines". To be a key tool for online communication, SEO is part of strategies of Web Marketing for any company or institution.

The work of SEO is divided into two phases: optimization and positioning. The first phase refers to the strategies that are conducted within the same web page, while the second refers to the strategies off page, which are based on linking the site with directories, social bookmarks and links to relevant pages on the subject of the website in question.

What are the benefits of SEO? More traffic coming from the "keywords", relevancy and conversions to the goals of the website. In conclusion, it allows to link "naturally" the web page of a business with the ecosystem of Internet, so Internet users interested in products or services offered by such business can locate it easily.

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