Santa Fe: solar energy for water heats and cellular charge
28 _me 2018

Santa Fe: solar energy for water heats and cellular charge

Secretary of State for Energy of the province of Santa Fe, Verónica Geese and the communal president of Progreso, Julio César Müller, inaugurated last Sunday the solar station in Plaza Los Colonizadores. In this place people can charge their cell phones and use hot water.

"The program aims to install these solar stations in places where people can meet, share and talk about renewable energy. That is the goal we set for ourselves through this type of undertaking, because it generates a direct relationship between people and the energies in general, "explained Geese.

The authorities assured that the technology and the equipment that form part of these stations are very simple, so much that they could be used in homes.

For his part, Müller explained that in the municipality of Progreso work constantly in the care of the environment with the management of urban solid waste, the treatment of effluents, the improvement of public trees and green spaces, and the recent implementation of led luminaires in different sectors.

 "Although environmental problems grow and multiply, there are many hopes," said Julio César Müller.

Through this program, the Secretary of State for Energy puts at the disposal of the interested communities an economic contribution for the installation of a solar station in a recreational space.

Source: Clean Energy