Electric groups in the City of Buenos Aires
2 _me 2018

Electric groups in the City of Buenos Aires

Before the end of the year there will be a pilot test of electric buses on lines 12, 14, 39 and 59 that pass through the City of Buenos Aires. The users will be able to use eight units, which will arrive in the month of June to the country, with different charging technologies and suppliers.

The collectives will be imported from China and the companies will be able to enter them with a 0% tariff, the external tariff is 35% thanks to a presidential decree that imposed an import quota for this type of units.

The units have a value between USD 350,000 and USD 500,000, depending on whether they have fast charge or slow charge batteries; an autonomy of 70 km or 220 km, respectively.

The objective of this test is to evaluate the technical roadway of this form of mobility, as well as its economic, operational and environmental impact. The results will be evaluated with the Development Bank for Latin America (CAF). "This will be a key tool for the adoption of a larger-scale plan in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, which, with some 18,000 buses, has one of the largest fleets in the region," highlighted the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation.

The City of Buenos Aires launched the Clean Mobility Plan to 2035, in which it was proposed to reduce emissions of polluting gases (CO2, NOx and MP) that are generated by combustion vehicles. The evaluation is also carried out in a clean mobility table that make up the national environmental portfolio and that of Energy, which seeks not to overload the electric system.

In this test time, the City will carry out the works for the installation of the loading stations, which will be placed in the headwaters of the bus lines.

Source: Infobae