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We are the first network of solutions and electrical products suppliers in Argentina.

We seek to render services, generate business and provide tools that make a difference to our clients; we rely on our power to negotiate, to make agreements with our strategic allies, to take the opportunities offered by the market and to share successful experiences and practices in behalf of our final user. Our soundness is based on our members’ career and experience and our basic premise is synergy, which lets each of us add value to our network.

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  • Values
  • We will be the network of solutions and electrical products suppliers to lead the market changes and renewal, to recover the key position the distributor must have in the value chain. We will foster the network expansion, both at a local and international level, setting high management standards.

  • Honesty, trustworthiness and transparency are the pillars of our actions. Our corporate relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. We are committed to leading changes in our market. We value the synergy arising from team work. We consider efficiency a distinctive trait in our organization.

Strategic allies